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About Us

Rotarians For Family Health & Aids Prevention, Inc. (RFHA) was founded by Marion Bunch of The Rotary Club of Dunwoody, Georgia/USA.  Marion brought a personal perspective to the battle against AIDS when she lost her son, Jerry, to this disease in 1994.  Her action began in 1997 by forming a partnership with AID Atlanta (a local AIDS Service Organization) and creating an AIDS Awareness Program for Georgia’s middle and high school students which is still in operation today and has reached over 500,000 students.

In 2002 Marion was asked by Rotary International President, Bhichai Rattakul, to help him create a program to help orphans and vulnerable children in Africa. She responded by creating a multi-sector partnership that helped support 122,000 orphan children in six African countries through a USAID grant of $8 Million. For more information, see “ANCHOR”.

In 2004, the Rotary Board of Directors approved Marion’s application to become an independent Rotarian Action Group that focuses on mobilizing Rotarians, partners and communities into implementing disease prevention programs - known as Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention (RFHA).

In 2011, RFHA initiated their Signature Program, “Rotary Family Health Days” in partnership with Rotary Clubs in response to the multiple health car needs of families in Africa. This program provides multiple, sustainable free health care services to the people in the communities that would otherwise fall through the cracks. The services include lifelong immunizations such as polio drops and measles vaccines; necessary annual screens for HIV, TB, malaria, diabetes, cervical cancer, hypertension, and some dental eye exams. For more information see Family Health Days”.

The Organization

RFHA is directed by a 14 person Board of Directors comprised of 13 Rotarian leaders from four continents. RFHA is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and daily operations are run by the Founder and CEO, Marion Bunch and a small staff.

RFHA’s purpose is to provide assistance and support to Rotary clubs, districts and multi districts in planning and implementing large scale, community development and humanitarian service projects. Because the power of Rotarians influence at the community level is well known, RFHA has been successful in establishing partnerships and generating substantial funds for their programs.

RFHA is considered Rotary International’s Resource Group for HIV/AIDS. Rotary Clubs and Districts throughout the world look to RFHA for guidance regarding their particular HIV/AIDS project plans. The RFHA website offers Rotary Clubs who need support for their AIDS project the ability to link up with Rotary Clubs that can provide resources via RFHA’s ProjectMATCH program.

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Alicia Michael
RFHA President
Past District Governor 2015 – 2016
Nigeria D9125

"I am honored to have the opportunity to serve with such dedicated and inspiring leaders from around the world to bring free healthcare services to those who might otherwise go without such care. The love, compassion and unwavering support of thousands of Rotarians worldwide are the true reasons for our continued growth and success."

Len Lanzi
Board Chair
USA D5280

My first Rotary moment was with RFHA. Visiting the informal settlements in Uganda provided me with a first hand account of RFHA’s great works in the world. It is my honor to serve on their board.

Brent Adams
Corporate Secretary and Treasurer
USA D6900

"I am passionate about HIV/AIDS education with the hopes of lowering new infections in the countries served by RFFA and bettering the lives of children and adults living with the disease."

Joan Firkins
RRFC, Zone 25
Past District Governor

Canada D5020

"I have been interested in children in Africa with HIV/AIDS since going to an AIDS orphanage in Ethiopia. All of the children were orphans under the age of five, and all had full blown AIDS."

Larry A. Lunsford
Past RI Director
Past Chairman, RI Executive Committee
USA D6040

"I have seen what something as simple as a new pair of shoes can do for the health and spirit of an orphan. Knowing how RFHA's Rotary Family Health Days are a needed and growing project concept worldwide, I am honored to serve on this board to move this wonderful work forward."
Anne Matthews
Past RI Vice President
District 7770, USA

"My life is devoted to helping the less fortunate in the world. I have worked in 35 countries over the past 20 years helping with all types of medical illnesses, feeding the hungry, helping dig water wells, and more. My honor is to serve with this very committed board of directors in addressing those in need. In particular, I feel strongly about assisting in the African countries."
Sandra McKersey
Past District Governor
District 9910, New Zealand

"It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated group of Rotarians. RFHA is enormously effective as an action group whose work in HIV AIDS education and prevention is well recognized. Their family health days provide wide spectrum health intervention and reach out to families and save the lives of thousands. I am delighted to re-join the Board."
Anton Meerkotter
District Governor D 9400
South Africa

"Together we can make a difference."
Shekhar Mehta
Past RI Director
India D3030

“Having done heart surgeries to 2,500 children here in India, I understand what it means to poor people to get good health services.”
Stephen Mwanje
Past District Governor

"I derive real happiness through helping other people and serving on the board of RFHA gives me the rare opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many vulnerable people in our communities."
Mike Omotoshu
Past District Governor 2015 – 2016
Nigeria D9125
Sue Paget
RFHA Global Program Advisor
South Africa D9400

"It is a privilege to serve alongside committed Rotarians in an organization that is totally dedicated to being a change agent in the lives of so many communities throughout Africa, most especially those living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS."
Ken Solow
Past District Governor
District 7620 USA

"As a Past District Governor of D 7620, I had the pleasure of helping to build a coalition of twenty-two Rotary Districts that, along with the Rotary Foundation, funded the 2016 Rotary Family Health Day in Ghana. It’s my pleasure to sit on the Board of RFHA and try to do my part in helping to advance this amazing organization."
Brian Stoyel
Past President RI Great Britain, Ireland
District Governor UK D1175

"As a volunteer in Africa one appreciates the delicacy of life, so being invited to join the RFHA board provides yet another platform for me to help further my involvement in saving lives."

2015 to 2016 Advisory Board

Senior Program Advisor Sandra Thurman
President International AIDS Trust
Past Director Office of National AIDS Policy

White House, Washington
Senior Rotary Advisor: Laura Kann, Ph.D.
Distinguished Scientist and Chief, Surveillance and Evaluation Research Branch
Division of Adolescent and School Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Advisor, Program Monitoring & Evaluation:
Philip J. Silvers

Past Rotary International Director
Past District Governor, District 5500
Arizona, USA
Marion Bunch
Founder Emeritus
USA D6900

"Losing a child to AIDS has changed the course of my life to helping others, especially the children, to overcome the stigma and isolation caused by this disease."
Peter Kyle
District Governor 2013-14
USA D7620

"RFHA is a highly successful Rotarian Action Group and I was delighted to have been invited to serve on their Board. It will give me an opportunity to contribute towards helping the children affected by the scourge of HIV/AIDS while working alongside an extremely competent, committed and collegial group of Rotarians."
Olu Olowu
District Governor 2013-14
Nigeria D9110

"The plight of the millions of vulnerable children touches my heart.  Rotary and RFHA give me unique opportunities to help them."

Rotarian Action Group

As a Rotarian Action Group (RAG), RFHA invites Rotarians from all over the world to join them and engage in the AIDS battle.

Any Rotarian interested in HIV/AIDS can review RFHA activities and be linked to global AIDS assistance efforts. A Rotarian Action Group or RAG is an association of Rotarians from around the world who are dedicated to a particular, unique area of service.  Members of a RAG conduct hands-on, global service projects that advance the objectives of Rotary International.

Each RAG is officially approved and recognized by the RI Board of Directors, but functions independently of Rotary International and sets its own rules, dues requirement and administrative structure. Rotarian Action Groups shall be entitled to use the Rotary Marks, consistent with existing RI policy governing use of the marks. Rotarian Action Groups shall be entitled to communicate with the worldwide network of Rotary clubs, districts, and multi districts as per RI’s communication policy.

Rotarians for Family Health and AIDS Prevention (RFHA) was the first RI Board approved Rotarian Action Group in 2004.

To date there are 15 different RAGS, most of who are dedicated to global health issues. Rotarian Action Group membership is open to Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians Rotaractors, Youth Exchange Students and Peace Follows.

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